The Warning Signs in Migraine That You Need To Rush To An ER

A migraine is a throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation usually on one side of the head. Other common symptoms that you might experience with migraine include nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Migraine attacks can last for an extended period of time and can interfere with life and work.

Medications can help prevent some migraines and make them less painful. But if the problem persists for long or becomes unbearable, then rush to the emergency room near you to talk to the physician about different migraine treatment options suitable for you. The right medicines, combined with self-help remedies and lifestyle changes, may help you lessen migraine problem.

Patients who frequently suffer from migraine attacks notice a variety of red flags that signal another migraine is on its way. Any optical change could be a warning sign such as flashes of light, dimmed vision, blind spots or seeing stars. Tingling or numbness in the face, arm or leg is also a warning sign that a migraine attack can pop up anytime soon.

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Lastly, the hallucinations, muscle weakness and speech difficulties are also the warning signs. These eye opening signs can occur an hour before the migraine pain and last up to an hour or so. Occasionally, the aura signs cease without any accompanying migraine pain.

When You Get A Migraine, Follow These Steps

  • Get a Proper Diagnosis – Either see your physician or visit any emergency room near you any time for fast help. A proper diagnosis may require tests such as blood draws or a CT scan to rule out any underlying causes for the pain.
  • See a Specialist – See a specialist who can suggest you the best treatment as per the level of pain you are suffering. A neurologist may be able to best discuss your migraine problem.
  • Get Relief – Depending on the severity of the symptoms and your personal history, the variety of painkillers are available. The doctors ensure that their patients get relief within few hours. Visit an emergency room near you for diagnosis and opt for pharmaceutical intervention that can help you with a migraine.
  • Consider Prevention Medication – The physician will discuss and decide whether a prevention medication, commonly taken daily, is right for you.

Warning Signs That Indicate A Trip To Emergency Room Is Necessary

  • A bad headache that hits you suddenly and severely.
  • A headache that pops up after having injured your head or having met with an accident.
  • High fever followed by the stiff neck.
  • A sudden migraine when you have no family history or personal history of them, especially if you’re over the age of 50 years.
  • A fever with seizures, muscle weakness, speech difficulty, confusion, dizziness or double vision

Where Can You Get Fast Help?

Search for an emergency room near you. Hope ER is an emergency treatment center in Lufkin, Texas that excels in providing immediate treatment to patients without any prior appointment. We never make an emergency wait! Our helpful and friendly staff that operates under a patient-focused model makes your ER visit as stress-free and congenial as possible. Patients can have fast access to a board-certified physician experienced in diagnosing and treating migraines and other conditions.

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