HopeER Emergency Room

Hope ER provides state-of-the-art emergency care

in a friendly, courteous and professional manner. At hope ER, all types of emergency conditions are evaluated and treated. A staff of well trained and highly skilled medical professional are at your beck and call and available immediately
to meet your needs and those of your loved ones. We offer physician services, emergency medical care and laboratory services in Lufkin, TX

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Call for emergency medical care in Lufkin, TX

An Emergency is a scary experience and an ER visit for many is even more stressful. The long wait in many emergency rooms many times serves only to make a bad situation worse. Add to that the emotional toll of not knowing what is happening.
Hope ER works by a different model, one that emphasizes the initiation of care immediately and constant communication and dialogue with the patient. Simply put, our goal is to make your ER visit as pleasant and as memorable as we possibly

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Call for diagnostic & laboratory services

Hope ER provide the same quality of care as seen in hospital emergency departments. We carry a mandate to provide you with a high level of care and to achieve this goal, a great majority of our staff come with years of experience in the
emergency medical field. Hope ER as a freestanding facility not encumbered by the bureaucracies and large volume of patients that the hospital ER has to deal with . Our focus is the patient and their family, anything less is not acceptable.
Our nurses, doctors radiology tech and ancillary staff are focused on one person and one thing and that is the patient.

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  Conveniently located close to the intersection of highway 67 and 59, Hope ER services the Lufkin area but also draws clientele from Huntington and as far away as Beaumont, Texas. This free-standing facility was born out of a vision
to provide the best and most accessible emergency care service in the area. Many years of working in the ER and waiting on patients who are harried and harassed by their ER experience resulted in the establishment of this unique facility,
whose belief is that an emergency should not be made to wait. We believe that the waiting room is not for patients and an emergency should not be told to wait. We encourage our clients to call ahead and we will prepare everything to ensure
that they don’t have to wait. We mean it when we say we are a “no wait” ER. Our doctors are board-certified physicians and come with a ton of ER experience. Our nurses bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table and our
ancillary staff are well trained and equipped to fulfill their part in making your ER experience as pleasant as possible.

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Whether it occurs at home, work or on the road, make Hope ER your first stop for your emergency care needs. Call: 936-899-7242. We will keep the door open for you!

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