Physician Services


Hope Er provides expert physician services. Our doctors are board certified with extensive experience and training in the care of many acute emergent conditions. Our doctors are trained in the evaluation, diagnosis, and initiation of care of patients with various forms of emergent and life-threatening conditions.

Diagnostic Imaging


Hope Er provides in-house Xray and CT scanning services. Our CT scanner is able to perform most examinations needed to help accurately diagnose the problems afflicting our patients. We also have in-house ultrasonography services that are invaluable in the diagnosis and treatment of serious emergent medical conditions.

Laboratory Services


Our Lab provides a vital role in the diagnostic process and is a cornerstone of the whole ER experience. We perform a wide range of laboratory diagnostic test that aid in the treatment of outpatients. We also partner with a local hospital Lab and also a national Lab company. All in our effort to better serve our clientele.


"What you are looking at?"

Our eyes are the windows to the world. Sometimes those windows get infected, inflamed or injured. Our physicians are here to help treat those conditions and keep you looking out of a clear  "window".

Open 24/7

Hope ER is open twenty four hrs, seven days a week. So while you are sleeping you can rest assured that there is a doctor and nurse out there keeping awake and ready to step up in the event of an emergency. We stay awake so you can sleep easy.

Next Steps...

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