If a Medical Emergency Strikes, Here’s What You Should Do

Accidents always seem to happen when we least expect them, and sometimes it seems that they happen more when we are unprepared. But what should you do to make sure you are prepared? Hope ER is an emergency medical center in Lufkin that excels in providing immediate treatment to patients without any prior appointment. They never make emergency wait, instead, they provide the best services to whosoever comes at their door 24*7.

Medical Center Lufkin

Step 1: Locate a Good Medical Center

Finding a facility that feels right for you and your family is necessary. Hope ER is the ideal facility that is full of friendly, warm-hearted individuals who are experts in the area you need at the time of an emergency. Hope ER is the Emergency medical center in Lufkin that  provides you emergency care immediately as you enter our facility. We make sure your ER experience is calm and relaxed. Our emergency medical center specializes in one on one services and welcome all walk-ins.

Step 2: Look For The Services Provided

Simply locating a medical center won’t work! Instead, also look for the services they specialize in. At Hope ER, we have a team of board-certified doctors who have extensive experience and training in the care of many acute emergency conditions. The emergency medical center also specializes in in-house X-Ray and CT scanning and ultrasound services. The examinations help in accurately diagnosing the problems afflicting patients. Hope ER  also perform a wide range of laboratory diagnostic tests that aids in the treatment of different ailing conditions.

Step 3: One Should Always Remain Prepared

Its next to impossible to be prepared if you don’t know what to do. The first step in being able to help someone when an emergency occurs is to have the necessary knowledge.

In Case of a Serious Physical Injury, here’s what you should do:

  • If the person is unresponsive or not breathing you should begin CPR immediately and call 911 or rush him/her to nearest emergency medical center.
  • If there is significant bleeding, a limb looks deformed, a bone has pierced the skin, you suspect broken bones in the neck or back, call 911, apply pressure to the bleeding area, support the broken area and rush him/her to the nearest emergency center.
  • If the person is conscious, you should stop any bleeding as fast as possible by applying pressure to the wound.
  • Apply ice packs to the injury site as this will limit damaging swelling and inflammation as well as reduce pain.

We’re Here for You….

Hope ER – a renowned emergency medical center in Lufkin, remains open twenty-four hours, seven days a week. We provide immediate treatment without any prior appointment. Our emergency treatment center looks after the emergent health needs, traumatic incidents, anaphylactic reactions, broken bones and other medical conditions.

We also have a facility of 2 rooms to admit patients who are very sick for 23 hours for observation and close monitoring while continuous testing and intervention is going on. We assure to provide the best care to all our patients.

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