Shortlisting Medical Care Service in Emergency Situations

An emergency can arise at any point of time. It is thereby necessary to be prepared in emergency situations. The preparation should always include the first-aid box as it could be a life-saving hack in medical emergencies. One should also keep a record of medical care service providers in and around your area of a daily commute. Though there are many clinics in Lufkin but not all of them are capable of tackling emergency injuries such as from road accidents and other causes.

medical care services in Lufkin

Therefore, one should make sure that there is an emergency centres that are easily accessible to take care of such emergency cases. This will help to keep you calm in an emergency and provide peace of mind. A quick call to such a facility can save your day as you know that they are going to act fast and are accurate in their jobs. You can also walk in without a prior appointment.

Medical Facility Features

Operational Hours: Generally, clinics are only operational during the regular hours of the day, starting from the morning and wrapping up by the evenings. However, a free-standing Emergency room like Hope ER are open 24×7 to take care of any emergency cases that you might have. Hope ER is free standing or standalone ER that has same State requirement as the big hospitals ER but it is highly beneficial to come to a free standing ER because it is a no wait ER whereby you are able to get in the room and be seen by highly skilled and experienced health professionals without wasting any time in doing tests and a timely intervention for your condition.

Pieces of Equipment: An emergency case must be handled with utmost care and with the latest medical equipment. Free standing ER like Hope ER has CT, XRAYS, ULTRASOUND and INHOUSE LABS just like the big hospital ERs. We can also admit patients under observation up to 23 hours in our facility. We have a transfer agreement with one of the local Hospitals ‘Woodland Height’’ if an hospital admission is needed.

Reputation: People generally look at reviews on googles or other social medias before conducting business or being seen as patients, customers, clients, or vendors. Though no one can 100% satisfy any human beings but Hope ER is highly rated, and we have very good reviews/recommendations from most of our patients and their family members. We can boldly say by God’s grace that our facility’ Hope ER is one of the highly reputable medical facilities that you can be rest assured of being treated with respect and excellent care regular commute.

Location: The distance matters as one is suffering from pain and needs quick medical attention. Reaching out to the nearest medical facility is considered ideal as the patient will be getting immediate medical attention and there would be fewer chances of fatalities.

Apart from the above four, the following list should be marked tick such that you have sufficient options to get the cure.

● Laboratory Facility
● Diagnostic Imaging Services
● Instant Report Availability
● On-Site Professional Care
● Walk-In Facility
● Specialists


All these above-mentioned points should be in the checklist that will eventually make the selection easy and quick with minimum time. Connecting with the right operational medical facility, when you or your loved one is suffering is imperative. Thus, pay keen attention to the above points and save the reputed & most preferred hospitals offering the best medical care services in Lufkin to get a quick cure.
Hope ER is your to go facility in case of any emergency and you can never regret the medical care that will be given to you or your loved ones. Hope Quick Care is located at 2111 East Denman Avenue, Lufkin TX 75901. Phone # 936-899-7243. Website:

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