Be Alert of the Frostbite This Winter

Soon biting cold and chills will give a knock on the door – winters will continue for 3 months or so. And with the expected chill and cold weather, the chances of most significant risk are at its peak – the frostbite.

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Frostbite is a cold related injury which occurs as a result of the freezing of tissues. If you happen to suffer from frostbite, it is advisable to visit an emergency room near you to get the best suitable treatment on time.

What is frostbite?

As mentioned above, in literal terms, frostbite is a condition when the tissue of your skin freezes. The freezing of the skin tissue usually occurs on the exposed part of the body. When your tissue freezes, it can release certain chemicals in your body that can actually damage the skin.

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Stages of Frostbite

The stage of frostbite move step by step – mild, moderate and severe.

Mild – When the frostbite is on Stage 1 – mild, you may see little redness and swelling. You might experience some kind of stinging or burning that might increase later. Typically, blisters are not visible at this stage.

Moderate – When the frostbite is on Stage 2 – moderate, you’ll witness the injury has become widespread. On an average, in this stage, blisters appear on the skin within 24 hours or the skin becomes red and there’s swelling on the affected area. Initially, you might experience numbness with aches but later on, it will become throbbing. It is at this stage you should rush to the emergency room near you. If not taken care of, the skin will become blackish as well.

Severe – When the frostbite is on Stage 3 – severe, it means the problem has traveled through all the skin layers and has even reached the subdermal region. In this stage, what’s called hemorrhagic blisters pop up. If by chance you happen to burst these blisters, there wouldn’t be clear fluid, you would see more of a bloody fluid. At this stage, you’ll experience a fair amount of burning, throbbing and shooting pains. The chances of getting recovered are very less at this stage.

What are the most commonly affected areas?

The feet, hands and face are the most commonly affected parts. That is why it is recommended to keep your exposed skin covered with warm clothes.

Vigilance is the key to your safety. Be careful and if any such problem appears, rush to the emergency room near you instantly to get it addressed well in time to avoid hazardous consequences.

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