Why Emergency Wait Rooms Time Should Be Shorter?

Emergency departments at hospitals are the busiest places, so much so that it can drive even the most patients to meltdown. Waiting for emergency treatment is not only inconvenient but irritating too. It can also be painful and detrimental for the patient’s health and well-being.

Visit to an emergency room itself is a very scary and stressful event that is filled with sights and sounds that sometimes leave a long-lasting impression. With each passing year, the ER traffic is increasing at a rapid pace. As per the data available on the official website of Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, the number of visits to the ER in the hospital was 141.4 million. This figure clearly states how many people even after being scared to visit the Emergency Rooms, sit in the waiting queue of the emergency care.

Emergency Treatment Center in Lufkin

Emergency department wait times are a matter of concern for many people globally. At Hope ER – The emergency treatment center in Lufkin, we ensure that you get emergency care at the same time you enter our facility, to make sure your ER experience is calm and relaxed. We specialize in one on one services and we welcome walk ins We also encourage our patients to call ahead so that we make suitable arrangements to make their visit as short and as productive as possible. All you have to do is just show up at the doorstep and the rest will be taken care of. All in all, it is less expensive than what the patients end up paying at the Hospital emergency department.

What is An Emergency Treatment Center?

An Emergency treatment center is a medical treatment facility that provides immediate treatment without prior appointment, takes acute care of patients who have met with an accident or fallen from somewhere. The emergency treatment center looks after the emergent health needs, traumatic incidents, anaphylactic reactions, broken bones.

HOPE ER is your first stop when you need instant treatment. At Hope ER, when we say an emergency should not be made to wait, we mean it.

What Are the Services Provided?

PHYSICIAN SERVICES – Our board-certified doctors provide expert physician services. The years of enriched experience and training helps them in taking care of many acute emergent conditions.

DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING – At Hope ER, we provide in-house X-Ray, CT scanning and ultrasonography services that help in diagnosing serious emergent medical conditions so that the treatment can be provided thereof.

LABORATORY SERVICES – The lab plays the vital role in diagnosing process and is a cornerstone of the whole ER experience. We perform a wide range of laboratory diagnostic test that aid in the treatment of patients.

23 HOURS OBSERVATION –   Hope ER have 2 rooms to admit patients that are very sick for 23 hours for observation and close monitoring while continuous testing and intervention is going on. After which the patients will either be discharged home or transferred to a local hospital for further treatment.

Hope ER – The emergency treatment center in Lufkin remains open 24*7 to provide the best possible care to the patients. Our trained medical professionals deliver instant on-site care because they believe emergency can neither be ignored nor does it have to wait.

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