We Make Your Emergency Visit Short & Productive

If you get very sick or badly hurt and need help right away, you should use emergency medical services. Hope ER, the provider of emergency medical services in Lufkin, offers immediate onsite care thereby making sure that no emergency waits. We make sure that you get emergency care as soon as you show up at our facility. Our medical facility excels in providing immediate treatment to patients without the prior appointment. Our trained medical professionals provide one on one services.

Emergency Medical Care Services Lufkin

We are your first stop when you need instant treatment. Our emergency medical care services are less expensive than what patients end up paying at the emergency department in any hospital. You don’t need to take any prior appointment. Just show up at our facility, and we will take care of the rest! We never make emergency wait!

What Happens In The Emergency Rooms?

When you visit ER, the first thing you or your parent will usually do is sign in at a front desk. This is a way of letting the emergency room staff know that you are there and what your problem is. If your medical problem needs super-fast attention, you may be taken right in to see a physician.

Diagnosis by the Physicians โ€“ The highly trained board certified doctors have extensive experience in dealing with acute emergent conditions. We provide expert physician services such as evaluation, diagnosis, and initiate the treatment of patients with various forms of emergent and life-threatening conditions.

At this point, the doctor will decide what should happen next. If there is a need for X-Ray, CT Scan or Ultrasound, and covid testings it will be done immediately. If there is need for any other laboratory test to be done, we will get it done instantly.

Diagnostic Imaging โ€“ Our ER has the provision of in-house X-Ray, CT Scan and Ultrasonography services. These diagnostic tests help the doctors to accurately diagnose the problems affecting the patients. These tests prove to be beneficial in diagnosing and treating serious emergent medical conditions.

Laboratory Services โ€“ Not only do we offer diagnostic imaging but also laboratory services so that our patients have a whole new experience. In association with local hospital laboratories and national laboratories, we perform a wide range of laboratory diagnostic tests that help in the treatment of outpatients. We always strive to serve our patients better.

If the doctor figures out you need to be kept under observation for few hours to 23 hours, the emergency center houses 2 rooms to admit patients. During this process, close monitoring of the patient is done. Once the doctor concludes the situation, the patients are either discharged or referred to a local hospital for further treatment.

What Happens at the end of ER Visit

If you are going home after receiving our medical care services in the Lufkin treatment center, our doctor might tell you to “follow up” with your regular doctor.

Hope ER is open 24-hour, 7 days a week. Call Hope ER at 9368997243 or head down to Hope ER at 2111 East Denman Avenue, Lufkin, Texas 75901.