Every Second Counts. No Need to Wait During Emergency

During an emergency, every passing second is crucial and vital. The circumstances they might lead to are the ones you least expect. Hope ER – an emergency facility and emergency service provider in Lufkin, TX – assures to provide you a quick, effective, and professional solution during your hour of need. Hope ER provides the best physician services in Lufkin during emergency and life-threatening conditions. Our trained medical professionals provide high-quality emergency healthcare, without any prior appointment and at a reasonable cost.

Physician Services Lufkin

We specialize in treating a wide variety of major and minor injuries and emergencies. We are here for you, 24/7. We never make emergency wait!

Our Physicians Are Highly Experienced & Provide Best Quality Treatment

At Hope ER, we have a team of health care professionals who have many years of experiences in cardiology, general surgery, neurology, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecological and many other cases. These are board- certified physicians who have done years of additional training to become experts and skilled in emergency healthcare services. They are well-trained in providing specialized care to patients who arrive at our emergency medical facility in Lufkin.

The board-certified physicians provide expert physician services such as evaluation, diagnosis, and initiate the treatment of patients for any acute and chronic medical conditions. Our physicians are expert in dealing with health conditions that are generally treated in the hospital. If in case a patient needs to be placed under our 23-hour observation, they make sure that the patient recovers quickly. If the need arises, they make suitable arrangements to transfer them to local hospital for further treatment.

The physicians at our emergency  center in Lufkin TX (Hope ER) focus on  patient care from the time a patient  arrives at our doorstep till the time he/she is discharged. In one go, they become familiar with the patient’s condition. They also ensure that the imaging services, laboratory and nursing are performed and reviewed in a timely manner so that the treatment can be started on time as per the diagnostic test results. They are smart in acting quickly and involving patients immediately with their private health information.

Once a patient is discharged from our emergency room facility in Lufkin, our physicians also provide a detailed report and discharge summary to the patient or his/her family per patient written request.

Get IN, Get WELL!

Get Treatment from Board Certified Physicians

When seconds count, you can trust Hope ER – your emergency room facility for physician services in Lufkin – to deliver the emergency care you deserve 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.