Are you an urgent care facility?

We are not an urgent care facility, we are a freestanding Emergency Treatment Center. We take care of all kinds of emergent and serious medical conditions. Unlike most Urgent care facilities, we are open twenty four hrs a day, seven days a week. A doctor is always on site and available to attend to your needs. You don't need an appointment to be seen and you are seen immediately you step through the doors

What insurances do you take?

We accept most insurances, however because of circumstances beyond our control we are not participants in Medicare and Medicaid programs. However we can see patients who are enrolled in medicare and medicaid if they choose to pay for their care themselves. It is our hope that these road block will be removed by these programs in the future. Self paying patients are also welcome.

What are your charges like

Our fees are competitive with similar facilities in the area. We maintain the same high standard of care for our patients at Hope ER as in other facilities and we have 24 hour coverage of all our services. Unlike your doctor's office which is typically open for eight to twelve hours only on weekdays, we stay open twenty four hours a day with a full complement of doctors and nurses ready at any time to address and treat whatever emergency comes through the door.   We also employ highly skilled medical personnel who have honed their skills over years of learning and practice. These all come at a cost hence the higher cost than your typical doctors office visit. We however have programs to to address cost issues in certain qualifying patients.